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Sarntal 2018

Computational Medical Imaging

It's a great pleasure to announce that we will host a summer school together with TU Munich (Opens external link in new windowPD Dr. Tobias Lasser) on Computational Medical Imaging. Hosts from FAU side will be Opens internal link in current windowProf. Dr. Andreas Maier and Opens external link in new windowDr. Christian Riess. The event will take place within the scope of the Opens external link in new windowFerienakademie 2018 (23.09.-05.10.2018).

Within the course, we want to explore image reconstruction techniques. In particular there is a recent trend in image reconstruction that focusses on the application of deep learning techniques for image generation. Within the course, we will explore these new approaches and relate them to traditional analytic and iterative techniques.

The course aims at students at late Bachelor-level or early Master-level. Furthermore, students will have to implement programming tasks. Thus, an advanced level in programming is required.

There will be a joint meeting for preparation on Thursday July 12th, 8:30. The participants from Erlangen will meet in the Seminarraum 01.134, Martensstraße 3, 91058 Erlangen. The TU Munich participants meet in MI 03.13.008, Garching.

Find our list of topics Initiates file downloadhere. The introductory presentation is Initiates file downloadhere.


Andy RegenskyInitiates file downloadAnalytic Reconstruction
Victoria MarkovaInitiates file downloadRegularization
Slavice SubicInitiates file downloadOptical Tomography
Maximilian KaindlInitiates file downloadX-ray Phase Contrast
Stefan Haninger
Benjamin SchillerInitiates file downloadDeep Learning Basics
Markus MichenInitiates file downloadEmbedding of Operators (I)
Maximilian RohlederInitiates file downloadEmbedding of Operators (II)
Oussema DhouadiInitiates file downloadGenerative Adversarial Networks
Anatol MaierInitiates file downloadAdversarial Examples
Kamal Gopikrishnan NambiarInitiates file downloadTask-based Losses
Mohamed ElminshawiInitiates file downloadRecurrent Neural Networks
Wenyu ZhangInitiates file downloadDeep Learning in Image Reconstruction