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Computer Vision

The computer vision group deals with general problems of detecting structures in images. Particular topics currently include color & reflectance, image forensics, multispectral imaging, multi-camera setups and range imaging. Our work is closely related to other main fields in computer vision, like image segmentation and tracking. Particular topics like image forensics connect closely to statistics, color & reflectance serves often as a pre-processing step for higher level computer vision tasks like object recognition.

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Colloquium Time Table

Responsible PersonProgram / Topic

Archived Time Table

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14.01.19MT Kickoff

Mayr, Martin: Weakly-supervised segmentation of defects on solar cells

14.01.19MT KickoffHolzwarth, Martin: Using Deep Learning for segmentation of localized defects on SiC
21.01.19MT FinalAzeem Botwala: Content-Based Image Retrieval in Opthalmology using Deep Learning
28.01.19Michael LechnerLF-Net: Learning Local Features from Images
04.02.19Aline SindelSuperPoint: Self-Supervised Interest Point Detection and Description
MT Kickoff Jonathan Wolff Large-Scale Visual Retrieval in Historical Documents
11.02.19Prathmesh MadhuLin et al. "Tool Detection and Operative Skill Assessment in Surgical Videos Using Region-Based Convolutional Neural Networks
18.02.19MT Kickoff Simon Jordan Learning Individual Similarities for Writer Identification
MT Final Tobias KochIncremental Learning Techniques for Face Recognition
FranzYOLO3D: End-to-end real-time 3D Oriented Object Bounding Box Detection from LiDAR Point Cloud
25.02.19MathisOne-Shot Instance Segmentation
04.03.19MathiasTutorial Session: Variational AutoEncoders
11.03.19MT Kickoff Lukas ZweckConcept and Evaluation of an Autonomous Hand-Held Bone Drill for Applications in Spinal Surgery
+ Video Session
18.03.19no colloq
25.03.19MT Kickoff Martin Stumpf: Making offline handwriting editable
AnguelosAre 2D-LSTM really dead for offline text recognition?
01.04.19no colloq
08.04.19 start: 10:00 (not 10:15), Marc"Analyzing and Improving Representations with the Soft Nearest Neighbor Loss"
15.04.19Christian M.FastAI Tutorial
22.04.19no colloq (holiday)
29.04.19VincentSemantic Image Synthesis with Spatially-Adaptive Normalization
06.05.19 Christian J.Approximating CNNs with Bag-of-local-Features
models works surprisingly well on ImageNet
13.05.19MichaelSOSNet: Second Order Similarity Regularization for Local Descriptor Learning
20.05.19BernhardInvariant Information Clustering for Unsupervised Image Classification and Segmentation
27.05.19AlineDiscovering Visual Patterns in Art Collections with Spatially-consistent Feature Learning
03.06.19MT KickoffSrikrishna Jaganathan: Learning From Weak Label Sources In Industrial Sensor Systems
MT FinalJonathan Wolf: Large-Scale Visual Retrieval in
Historical Documents
17.06.19Internal meeting
24.06.19MT FinalMayr, Martin: Weakly-supervised segmentation of defects on solar cells
01.07.19MT Intro: Kevin Hirschmann: "Learning to Read through Phonemes"
FranzCVPR19 Highlights
08.07.19MathiasThe Lottery Ticket Hypothesis: Finding Sparse, Trainable Neural Networks
15.07.19MT FinalHolzwarth, Martin: Using Deep Learning for segmentation of localized defects on SiC
Panati, Chandana:Diagnosis of Gasoline Direct Injection Systems with Neural Networks
22.07.19Mt FinalZweck, Lukas: Concept and Evaluation of an Autonomous Hand-Held Bone Drill for Applications in Spinal Surgery
MathisJoint Estimation of Camera Pose, Depth, Deblurring, and Super-Resolution from a Blurred Image Sequence
05.08.19Video Session
12.08.19no colloquium
19.08.19MT FinalSimon Jordan:  Learning Individual Similarities for Writer Identification
Mt FinalPengqi Wen: Evaluation of Different Few-shot Learning Approaches for Image Retrieval
26.08.19no colloquium
02.09.19VincentPapers worth a 2nd look

MT Final

Martin Stumpf: Making offline handwriting editable
Rehearsal TalkRonak Kosti: Visual Scene Context in Emotion Perception
16.09.19AnguelosWeiight Agnostic Neural Networks
30.09.19Bt Intro Daniel Mosig: Breathing Detection in 2D/3D Video Streams
07.10.19MT Final + Seminar talk

Srikrishna Jaganathan: Learning From Weak Label Sources In Industrial Sensor Systems

Luca Reeb: PV-power estimation from EL-images using deep learning

14.10.19MT IntroPhilip Stoll: Semantic Segmentation of the Human Eye for Driver Monitoring
21.10.19MarcUnsupervised Domain Adaptation by Backpropagation
28.10.19No colloquium
04.11.19MichaelRapid Prototyping for Image Registration using
AirLab – Autograd Image Registration Laboratory
11.11.19RonakACM MM'19 Review
18.11.19AlineAttentive Recurrent Comparators
25.11.19no colloqDefense of Chet Sanders
02.12.19MartinSelf-training with Noisy Student improves ImageNet classification
Kevin HirschmannLearning to Read through Phonemes
09.12.19MT IntroLuis Rivera Monroy: Emotion Recognition Guided by Gaze and Context on Images
MT IntroNico Meyer: Metric Learning for Writer Identification
16.12.19MathiasDiscovering Physical Concepts with Neural Networks



Running Projects

Historical Document Analysis

Analysis of papal charters from the high middle ages.

Writer Identification

Scribe identification of handwritten documents.

Old Master Drawing Image Analysis

Separating the ink layers of the old master drawings via hyperspectral image Analysis

Image Forensics

Finding forgeries in digital images.

Camera Calibration

Camera calibration aims at obtaining a parametric model of a camera.

Cell Image Processing

Processing of medical image data acquired with microscopes (digital histology) or confocal laser endomicroscopy.

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Analysis

Analysis and Classification of the Hyperspepctral Remote Sensing Images

Sheet Metal Forming Limits

Processing of industrial image data acquired with a stereo camera setup

Finished Projects

Multispectral Image Analysis

Interpreting multispectral data to better understand reflectance phenomena.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Detection and tracking of objects in the vehicle's surrounding.

Solar Irradiance Forecasting

Applying Computer Vision to establish irradiance/power forecasts for solar power plants.

Sensor Fusion for Banknote Processing

Optimizing the sorting results for banknotes through the use of multiple sensor cues.

Single Shot Structured Light

Optical 3D surface measurements with a single image capture.


Student project: small-size autonomous robot soccer.

Skin Reflectance Modeling

Modeling skin reflectance for skin segmentation and illumination color estimation.

Color and Reflectance

Transferring color constancy insights from laboratory setups to real-world images.