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Computer Vision Time Table [Archive]

Colloquium Time Table

Responsible PersonProgram / Topic
21.08.17Marc"Spatial Transformer Networks"
28.08.17Christian J."Deep Unsupervised Similarity Learning using Partially Ordered Sets"
04.09.17VincentCVPR'17 Video Session
11.09.17-Student presentation: Maike Stöve "Artifact Detection in CLE-Images"
18.09.17Peter"UltraStereo: Efficient Learning-Based Matching for Active Stereo Systems"
25.09.17Sergiu"KillingFusion: Non-rigid 3D Reconstruction without Correspondences"
02.10.17VincentCVPR'17 Video Session pt.2
09.10.17Amir"Learning from simulated and unsupervised images through adversarial training"
16.10.17-Student presentation: Maryam Mohammadzahrai "Can classiffers reliably mark dead pixels on real life video sequences?"


-Student presentation: Lara Steffes
6.10.17 Patrick"Sensor Pattern Noise Estimation Based on Improved Locally Adaptive DCT Filtering and Weighted Averaging for Source Camera Identification and Verification"
13.11.17 Benjamin"Source camera identification using auto-white balance approximation"
20.11.17 -Slide session
27.11.17 -no colloquium
4.12.17 VincentStudent presentation (15min) + ICDAR'2017 review
11.12.17 FranzPointNet++: Deep Hierarchical Feature Learning on Point Sets in a Metric Space
18.12.17 MarcSqueeze-and-Excitation Networks
25.12.17 -no colloquium
1.1.18 -no colloquium
8.1.18 -no colloquium
15.1.18 Christian J.Experimental detection of forming limit strains on samples with multiple local necks
22.1.18 -no colloquium
29.1.18 SebastianDiscussion on the organization of the colloquium.
"FlowNet 2.0 Evolution of Optical Flow Estimation with Deep Networks"
5.2.18 -Student presentation: Maryam Mohammadzahrai "Can Classifiers Reliably Mark Dead Pixels on Real Life Video Sequences?"
26.3.18Student presentation: Hooman Mirzaalian "Detecting and measuring surface area of skin lesions"
9.4.18Slide Session + Intro talk Martin Seipert
16.4.18Slide Session Pt 2
"S3FD: Single Shot Scale-Invariant Face Detector"
30.4.18no colloquium

Student short presentation: Oguz Kedilioglu "Real-Time Human Body Localization for Autonomous Multicopters in Industrial Environments" + Paper presentation (Escape from Cells: Deep Kd-Networks for the Recognition of 3D Point Cloud Models)

14.5.18MarcUnpaired Image-to-Image Translation using Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks
28.5.18Christian J.A deep learning approach to estimate stress distribution: a fast and accurate surrogate of finite-element analysis
4.6.18VincentIn Defense of the Triplet Loss for Person Re-Identification

Video Session: Bayesian Deep Learning

18.6.18AlineDetecting People in Artwork with CNNs
25.6.18Franz"Learning to Find Good Correspondences" by Kwang Moo Yi et al.
2.7.18no colloq (Theresa Götz's phd (physic) defense)
9.7.18-Student presentation. Martin Leipert: "Konzeption und Realisierung einer flexiblen 3D-Visualisierung für eine Software zur Simulation medizinischer Robotiksysteme"
16.7.18no colloq
23.7.18AnguelosAbout the DL information bottleneck theory

Mathis: Techniques for balancing unbalanced multi-label datasets.
Sebastian Arndt: BT intro presentation (supervisor: Marc)


Hoffer et al. "Train longer, generalize better: closing the generalization gap in large batch training of neural networks"

15.10.18AnguelosGupta et al. "Learning to Read by Spelling"
22.10.18MarcLin et al. "Focal Loss for Dense Object Detection"
29.10.18Christian J

Brock et al. "Large Scale GAN Training for High Fidelity Natural Image Synthesis"

5.11.18MT Final presentatonOguz, Kedilioglu:  Real-Time Human Body Localization for Autonomous Multicopters in Industrial Environments
12.11.18no colloquium
19.11.18BT Final presentationSebastian Arndt, Detection and Classification of Pulmonary Hemosiderophages in Cytology Slides
26.11.18MT Final presentationSpranger, Lukas: "Learning Global Pooling Operators in Deep Neural Networks for Image Retrieval"
3.12.18no colloquium
10.12.18VincentShama et al. "Adversarial Feedback Loop"
17.12.18MT Final presentationOguz, Kedilioglu:  Real-Time Human Body Localization for Autonomous Multicopters in Industrial Environments
14.01.19MT Kickoff

Mayr, Martin: Weakly-supervised segmentation of defects on solar cells

14.01.19MT KickoffHolzwarth, Martin: Using Deep Learning for segmentation of localized defects on SiC

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