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Seminar Automatic Question Answering Using IBM Watson [SemWatson]

The seminar will focus on the IBM Watson technology that is being used to build question answering system. The Watson system is quite well known because it was the first system to beat two human experts in the American quiz show "Jeopardy!". In the seminar, we will investigate natural language processing techniques and the Watson API in particular. In order to bring this technology also into an applied context, IBM will provide us with access to an Watson Instance that can be used to build own question answering systems embedded into IBM's Bluemix Cloud Architecture. Registration for the class will occur in the first appointment.

Dates & Rooms:
Wednesday, 8:30 - 10:00; Room: 01.134


Introduction Slides
Group Slides (IBM Watson Courses, Bluemix and Applications)
Group 1IBM-Watson CoursesInitiates file downloadlink
Group 2IBM Watson BluemixInitiates file downloadlink
Group 3IBM Watson ApplicationsInitiates file downloadlink
IBM Watson Final Presentations and Demos

Watson Medical Group: Online Tests for Learning Disabilities

The group one in IBM Watson Seminar worked on an application for those kids with learning disabilities with aim to support and enhance their learning process. 

  1. Using AI to tackle problems in Learning Disabilities
  2. Enable Parents and Teachers to discover faster and more accurate the problem
  3. Providing a more playful process for the kids, without minimizing results
  4. Home based approach – reducing time loss

In this application group members used several IBM Watson APIs to develop this app, such as Object Recognition, Text to Speech and etc.

You can download the full presentation through this link: IBM Watson Medical Group Presentation

Here you can see the demo which illustrate how this app works: Initiates file downloadWatson Medical Application


Watson Insight Analysis Group: Email Generator

This group developed an interesting email generator which use several IBM Watson features. It can use Speech to Text services to record an email, then analyse the email through Tone Anlayser and Insight Analyser features which shows the personality insight of the email writer.

You can download the full presentation through this link: Initiates file downloadIBM Watson Email Generator

Here you can see the demo which illustrate how this app works:Initiates file download Email Generator

Watson AI Group: UNvis Chatbot

This group developed a chatbot for UnivIS which embedded in Facebook Messenger. The chatbot will response to user inquiry and retrieve the data from UnivIS database. They used Opens external link in new windowLUIS as cognative AI service which is a questions answering platform developed by Microsoft. 

You can download the full presentation through this link: Initiates file downloadUNivis Chatbot in Facebook Messenger

How to use: 

  • Search Opens external link in new windowWiseogi TutorBot in Facebook Messenger
  • Start Conversation by Typing: Jo
  • Inquiry some information about lecturers such as: Who is Andreas Maier
  • It will response with full details information about mentioned lecturer