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Dr.-Ing. Christopher Rohkohl

Alumnus of the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

The vision of my work is to develop methods that open up the possibility to visualize highly dynamic (moving) vital parts of the human body as the heart. This provides one key towards the development of novel diagnostic tools and medical treatment procedures.

Research Project: Non-Periodic Motion Estimation and Compensation Algorithms

The primary goal of our research activities in this project is the development of methods for estimating and correcting cardiac motion in order to increase the image quality of cardiac vasculature reconstruction. In interventional environments patients often do have arrhythmic heart signals or cannot hold breath during the complete data acquisition. This important group of patients cannot be reconstructed with current approaches that do strongly depend on a high degree of cardiac motion periodicity for working properly. In this project we try to develop novel algorithmic approaches to cardiac vasculature reconstruction and therefore address the following questions:
  • Development of algorithms for motion estimation and reconstruction without periodicity assumption or ECG information.
  • Analysis and development of models for the description of cardiac and breathing motion.
  • Development of algorithms for estimatating the optimal heart phase for phase-correlated reconstruction algorithms.
  • Development of methods for the segmentation and functional assessment from 3-D plus time image data.

Keywords: Motion compensation, dynamic 3-D reconstruction, cardiac imaging, C-arm CT

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