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Programming tasks

Tuesday, 14:00 - 16:00; Room: 00.153-113

Thursday, 14:00 - 16:00; Room: 00.153-113


  • When you want to code in the CIP pool, follow the instructions of the CIP Pool Guide.
  • The Programming task submission will be via EST Opens external link in new window Please register and join the course "Introduction to Pattern Recognition – Programming Tasks (WS 17/18)". The password is the same as the one for the lecture. For uploading, put all your created files in a zipped folder and upload it as "", where x denotes the number of the current task. After the final revision, you will see your points in the tool. 


Welcome to the Programming tasks course!

This course extension is for deepening your knowledge and creating a good basis for lectures in the field of Pattern Recognition. There will be several practical tasks based on the lectures you have to implement on your own. After successfully completing this course you will receive extra 2.5 ECTS.

The worksheets will be uploaded on this page. You have a certain period of time to complete a worksheet and deliver the code via EST Opens external link in new window You can use the dates mentioned above to ask questions about solving the problems, but all in all, you have to do the work on your own. Of course, it is not allowed to just copy and paste form the web, which will lead to failing the course.