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The exercise courses will be held on:

Mondays 12:15 - 13:30  (H10, Lecture hall building)
Tuesdays 08:45 - 10:00 
(00.151-113, Martensstr. 3)

Both courses will cover the same topics. No registration is required.

If there are any questions or problems regarding the exercises that could not be clarified within the courses, feel free to come by or write a mail to Opens window for sending emailSebastian or Opens window for sending emailNooshin.

Start and Subscription

The exercises will start October 19th, 2015.

Any information regarding the exercises and the assignments will be given in the first lecture or exercise.


  • No exercises the week before christmas (21/22.12).
  • Details on Covariance Matrix estimation can be found Opens external link in new windowhere
  • Due to high demand, the Monday exercise has been shifted to the H10 lecture hall.
  • Tuesdays exercise is now from 8:45 - 10:00 
  • MATLAB is available in the CIP pools at the university. Unfortunately, we can not provide a license for your personal computers.
    If you are a beginner in MATLAB, the official MATLAB getting Opens external link in new windowstarted guide is really helpful.
  • The classification toolbox is now available for download: Initiates file downloadZIP
    We will use it to implement some of the algorithms.
    Authentication information will be distributed in the first exercise.


Exercise Date Sheet Solutions
0    Introduction  19./20.10.2015 Initiates file downloadPresentation
1 k-NearestNeighbour 26./27.10.2015Initiates file downloadpdf
2 Maximum Likelihood Estimation 2./3.11.2015Initiates file downloadpdf
3 Naive Bayes 9./10.11.2015Initiates file downloadpdf
4 Feature Transform 16./17.11.2015

Initiates file downloadpdf, Initiates file downloadPCA 

5 Fisher Transform, Norms 23./24.11.2015Initiates file downloadpdf
6 Regression30.11/1.12.2015

Initiates file downloadpdf 

Initiates file downloadlinefitting.m


7 Perceptron and MLP 7./8.12.2015Initiates file downloadpdf


8 Optimization 14./15.12.2015

Initiates file downloadpdf 

Initiates file downloadOptimization.m

9Support Vector Regression11.1/12.01.2016Initiates file downloadpdf
10Support Vector Machine18.1/19.01.2016Initiates file downloadpdf
11Kernel SVM / EM25.01/31.01.2016Initiates file downloadpdf
12Refresher01.02/02.02.2016Initiates file downloadpdf