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Pattern Analysis [PA]

This lecture complements (and builds on top of) the lectures "Introduction to Pattern Recognition" and "Pattern Recognition". In this third edition, we focus on modeling of densities, and how to use these models for analyzing the data. Major topics of this lecture are regression, density estimation, manifold learning, hidden Markov models, conditional random fields, and random forests. The lecture is accompanied by exercises, where theoretical results are practically implemented and applied.

Dates & Rooms:
Tuesday, 12:15 - 13:45; Room: H16
Thursday, 12:15 - 13:45; Room: H16



  • Exercises are roughly every second week (plus/minus holidays)
  • Please note that successful participation in the exercises is required!
  • Registration to the exercises is organized in studon
  • All lecture materials will be posted in studon
  • Exam appointments will be distributed in the lecture in June (details follow)

Oral Exams

If you still need a time for the exam, please proceed as follows:

  1. The preferred way for me is to assign you a date right before the lecture starts, or right after it ends. Just come to me.
  2. If this is for some reason impossible for you, please check the list of available dates below. Then, send me an email with your preferred date, and your second preferred date. The second choise is just for the case that the preferred date has been booked out meanwhile).

Please note that once we set a date, it is fixed. If you find out that you need more time for the preparation, please de-register in meinCampus and send me a short email with your student ID. You can then do the exam after the winter semester. Finally, please also note that it is required to pass the exercises in order to pass the whole class.


List of exam dates:

  • Friday, July 13
  • Saturday, July 21
  • (completely booked out: Monday, July 30)
  • (completely booked out: Monday, September 10)
  • (completely booked out: Tuesday, September 11)
  • Wednesday, September 12
  • Thursday, September 13
  • Friday, September 14
  • Monday, September 17
  • Tuesday, September 18
  • (completely booked out: Wednesday, September 19)
  • (completely booked out: Monday, October 8)
  • (completely booked out: Tuesday, October 9)
  • (completely booked out: Wednesday, October 10)


Tue. LectureThu. LectureTue. ExerciseWed. Exercise
April 10April 12--
--April 17April 18
April 24April 26April 24April 25
-May 3-May 2
May 8-May 8May 9
CANCELLEDMay 17May 15May 16
-May 24-May 23
May 29-May 29May 30
June 5June 7June 5June 6
June 12June 14June 12June 13
June 19June 21June 19June 20
June 26June 28June 26June 27
July 3(reserve)July 3July 4