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Elli Angelopoulou Ph.D., Akad. Rat

Alumnus of the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg



Research Interests

In the last decade, the use of pictures and the employment of cameras as sensing devices has become ubiquitous. My research seeks to develop image analysis techniques that support the effective use of imaging technologies in their ever-expanding employment in diverse application fields. Through the years I have focused on using physics-based color and reflectance techniques in the analysis of images. My early work addressed more classical problems in computer vision, such as shape reconstruction from a stereo pair of cameras and the computation of scene attributes that remain constant under geometric transformations and/or varying imaging sensors. Later work evolved around the use of novel sensors like multispectral cameras and magnetically-guided capsule endoscopes. In the last five years, while I continued investigating some basic computer vision problems like color constancy and intrinsic imaging, I became more involved in applied projects, partly in response to the omnipresence of imaging devices. Some of my more recent projects are on: image forensics, handwriting analysis of medieval documents, video-based surgical drill guidance, short-term forecasting of solar radiation, and navigation of autonomous vehicles. 

Research Grants/Projects

Scripts and Signs: A Computer-Based Analysis of High Medieval Papal Chapters. A key to Europe's Cultural History. PIs: Klaus Herbers, Irmgard Fees, Joachim Hornegger. BMBF: €602,859. 2012-2015.

Graduate Program on Heterogeneous Imaging Systems. PIs: Marc Stamminger, Elli Angelopoulou et al. DFG: €4,417,481. 2012-2016.

GIVA: Grundlagestudie "Intelligente Videoanalyse". PIs: Elli Angelopoulou, Joachim Hornegger. BKA: €36,000. Fall 2007.

WiNSeC: Large Networks of Wireless Agents and Sensors: Monitoring, Visualization, Simulation and Controlflectance and Geometric Properties of the Human Face. PIs: George Kamberov, Elli Angelopoulou. US Army TACOM-ARDEC: $130,848. 2004-2006.

NSF-CAREER: Exploring the Multispectral Frontier in Computer Vision. PIs: Elli Angelopoulou. NSF: $393,920. 2002-2007.

Computer-Assisted System for Patient's Pre-Operative Analysis . PIs: Elli Angelopoulou, George Kamberov. Stevens Institute of Technology: $75,000. 2001-2003.

Reflectance and Geometric Properties of the Human Face. PIs: Elli Angelopoulou. NEC Research Institute: $16,500. 2001.

NSF-ITR: Interacting with the Visual World: Capturing, Understanding and Predicting Appearance. PIs: Shree Nayar, Jitendra Malik, Peter Belheumer, Pat Hanrahan, Elli Angelopoulou, Kristin Dana. NSF: $3,499,997. 2000-2005.