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Prior Sessions

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Weilin Fu

Daniel Stromer

Weilin Fu

Jessica Pfahlmann

MONet: Unsupervised Scene Decomposition and Representation

Final Talk (MT): Virtual Unwrapping of 3-D X-ray CT Scanned Historical Scrolls

04.12.2018Lennart HusvogtPaper Draft
Mario AmrehnPaper Draft: Personalized Medical Image Segmentation using Interactive Neural Networks (User Study)
Weilin FuPaper Draft: short discussion on ROC curve and AUC value
27.11.2018Viktor HaaseJournal Club: Material decomposition with prior knowledge aware iterative denoising (Tao et al. 2018)
20.11.2018Weilin FuJournal Club: Conditional Random Fields as Recurrent Neural Network (Zheng et al. 2015)
13.11.2018Julia SchottenhammlARVO Abstract Presentation: Deep learning based hybrid OCT-OCTA segmentation of the Bruch's Membrane in various pathologies
06.11.2018Frank SchebeschJournal Club: Anatomical Complexity in Breast Parenchyma and Its Implications for Optimal Breast Imaging Strategies (Chen et al. 2012)
28.08.2018Frank SchebeschReview IWBI 2018 (Conference on Breast Imaging)
31.07.2018Weilin FuJournal club: Combining Fully Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for 3D Biomedical Image Segmentation
03.07.2018Daniel StromerHasan CanFinal Talk (MT): Automatized Segmentation of Cracks in Solar Cells
19.06.2018Frank SchebeschJournal Club: Deep learning in mammography and breast histology, an overview and future trends (Hamidinekoo et al. 2017)
29.05.2018Viktor HaaseCT-Meeting review
Daniel StromerJessica PfahlmannIntro Talk (B.Sc): Virtual Unwrapping of 3-D X-ray CT Scanned Historical Scrolls
15.05.2018Weilin FuFinal Talk: Combining Vesselness Filter and Deep Learning: Investigation of Different Neural Network Architectures for Tube Segmentation
03.04.2018Daniel StromerFelix KaschubBachelor's Thesis Final Talk: Untersuchung der Anwendungsmöglichkeiten und Randbedingungen von computertomographischen Untersuchungen an Kunststoffbauteilen
27.03.2018Lennart HusvogtJulian HoßbachMaster's Thesis Final Talk: OCT-Scan Augmentation with Generative Machine Learning Erweiterung von OCT Bildern mittels generativen Maschinenlernens
06.03.2018Jürgen EndresRahul RameshTexture-based Automatic Detection and Classification of Ischemic Stroke in Brain CT Images
30.01.2018Lennart HusvogtJulia SchottenhammlFinal Talk: OCT-OCTA Segmentation of the Bruch's Membrane in the Presence of Pathology
23.01.2018Weilin FuJournal Club: A Cross-Modality Learning Approach for Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images (Paper - Li et al.)
16.01.2018Daniel StromerOleksiy RybakovFinal Talk: Segmentation of Fascia in Canine Ultrasound Images
09.01.2018Daniel StromerReview of ICDAR 2017: Document Image Binarization with Fully Convolutional Neural Networks (Paper Tensmeyer)

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