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Press Releases

Emerging Fields Initiative funds "Tapping the potential of Earth Observation (TAPE)“

Earth Observation is producing massive amounts of data that are currently often processed with simple methods such as heuristically found rule-based systems. Our vision are end-to-end automated processing chains...[more]

Emerging Fields Project in High-Field MR Bone Imaging granted

The Pattern Recognition Lab was successful in a second EFI Project. A project consortium of medical experts, medical physicists, and computer scientists (Prof. Krönke, Prof. Nagel, Prof. Bäuerle, PD Dr. Römer, Dr. Pachowsky, Dr....[more]

New EFI Project awarded in Digital Humanities

It’s a great please to announce that a joint group of humanities and computer science researchers (Prof. Bell, Prof. Verstegen, Prof. Reinhardt, and Prof. Maier) have been successful to acquire a two-year research project within...[more]

12.3 Mio EUR for researchers at FAU and HZB

In an ageing European society, the number of people suffering from osteoporosis has increased dramatically. This disease considerably impairs patients' life quality, and results in high societal costs. However, current...[more]

BIG-THERA Project in next round of funding

It’s a great pleasure to announce that the BIG-THERA Project’s funding was approved for another year! The Emerging Fields Initiative (EFI) BIG-THERA gathers a multidisciplinary team of highly competitive...[more]

Invited Talk by Prof. Dr. Mathias Unberath

Johns Hopkins’ Prof. Dr. Mathias Unberath will give a talk at our lab entitled: "From Acquisition to Augmentation - Towards Task-aware Computer Assistance in the OR“ Abstract: Improved image-guidance has led to the...[more]