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Press Releases

PhD Student Receive ILW Award 2019

Aline Sindel, PhD student at the Pattern Recognition Lab received with her Master Thesis "Learning-based Image Super-Resolution for 3-D Magnetic Resonance Imaging" the second prize at the “Informatik in den ...[more]

LME PhD candidates visit KRH Nordstadt Klinikum in Hannover

Following the invitation by Prof. Dr. Nabavi (head of Department of Neurosurgery in KRH Nordstadt Klinikum Hannover) , our PhD candidates Siming Bayer, Alexander Preuhs and Stephan Seitz visited the Department of Neurosurgery in...[more]

Invited Talk by Jessica Rivera-Villicana

On October 28th, Jessica Rivera-Villicana from the Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute (A2I2) in Deakin University, Australia will give a talk in our lab. Title: "Between AI's Research and Practice"Time: 14:00 on...[more]

New PhD student

Martin Mayr joined the Pattern Recognition Lab in August 2019 as PhD candidate under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Maier and Dr Vincent Christlein. He completed his Masters in Computer Science majoring Pattern Recognition from...[more]

New PhD student

Farnaz Khun Jush started working at Siemens Healthineers since October 2018 and recently joined pattern recognition lab as PhD candidate under Prof. Andreas Maier supervision, working on Digital Ultrasound...[more]

Best Poster Award (2nd place) at ORTHOKongress

Christoph Luckner a PhD Student at our lab was awarded a Best Poster Award (2nd place) at a ORTHOKongress in Weiden for his contribution titled “Fusing 2-D and 3-D X-ray weight-bearing images for implant planning:...[more]

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