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Rekonstruktion Kolloquium [REK KO]

Es werden aktuelle Themen zur Bildrekonstruktion besprochen, sowie Grundlagen vertieft. Die Themen werden beim ersten Treffen festgelegt.

Dates & Rooms:
Friday, 10:30 - 12:00; Room: 09.150



<b>Date</b> <b>Presenter</b> <b>Title</b> <b>Slides</b>
11/04/2011 Michael Manhart An iterative method for tomographic x-ray perfusion estimation in a decomposition model-based approach <a href=''>paper</a>
11/18/2011 Chris Schwemmer Automatic generation of time resolved motion vector fields of coronary arteries and 4D surface extraction using rotational x-ray angiography <a href=''>paper</a>
11/25/2011 Christoph Formann ISMRM <i>no&nbsp;link</i>
12/02/2011 Robert Grimm ISMRM <i>no&nbsp;link</i>
12/09/2011 Marco Bögel Diaphragm Tracking for Resp. MoCo C-arm Cardiac Reconstruction <i>no&nbsp;link</i>
12/16/2011 Jana Hutter MR Angio/Flow Basics von contrast-enhanced bis phase-contrast <i>no&nbsp;link</i>
12/23/2011 Rudolf Christmas celebration <i>no&nbsp;link</i>
01/13/2012 Several CT Meeting ideas <i>no&nbsp;link</i>
01/20/2012 Reco group Status updates, organizational stuff <i>no&nbsp;link</i>
01/27/2012 Haibo<br />Bharath SPIE poster<br />ISMRM abstract <i>no&nbsp;link</i>
02/03/2012 Yan<br />Chris Introductory talk Master's Thesis<br />Intro to JabRef & LyX <i>no&nbsp;link</i>
02/10/2012 You? TBD <i>no&nbsp;link</i>