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Jian Wang M. Sc.

Alumnus of the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


3 Finished
Bachelor Theses
Klüppel, Moritz:
Investigation on Various Methods for Feature Tracking in X-Ray Images
Advisor: Bernecker, David; Fischer, Peter; Hornegger, Joachim; Wang, Jian
Beginn: 01.05.2013

Master Theses
Schaffert, Roman:
Investigation and Evaluation on Robust 2D/3D Image Registration using Gradient-Based Similarity Measures
Advisor: Hornegger, Joachim; Maier, Andreas; Wang, Jian; Dr.-Ing. Anja Borsdorf (Siemens AG)
Beginn: 01.02.2015

Huck, Julia:
Tracking of Salient Structures in X-Ray Fluoroscopy Sequences
Advisor: Fischer, Peter; Hornegger, Joachim; Maier, Andreas; Wang, Jian
Beginn: 01.08.2014