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Oliver Taubmann M. Sc.

Researcher in the Medical Image Reconstruction group at the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Robust Cardiac Functional Analysis and Visualization of Heart Motion in the Cath Lab
Motion Analysis in 4-D Cardiac Imaging with Angiographic C-arm CT
PhD project in cooperation with Siemens Healthcare, Forchheim

Angiographic C-arm systems are the leading imaging devices for guidance of catheter-based interventional procedures. In addition to conventional fluoroscopy, 3-D images can be generated using rotational angiography.

In cardiology, 3-D representations are challenging due to the heart motion which necessitates high temporal resolutions. These cannot readily be achieved with a C-arm CT acquisition of a few seconds duration. However, multi-segment retrospective ECG-gating can be applied to reconstruct 3-D images of different cardiac phases. In a second step, the motion between these phases can be estimated using deformable image registration. The deformation fields found in this manner allow performing motion-compensated reconstructions from all projection data.

In this project, we want to physiologically analyze the estimated motion fields. Cardiac functional analysis in the catheterization lab is not well developed. Before the intervention, functional imaging can be performed using MRI or ultrasound. During the intervention, quantitative measurements are limited to determining the ejection fraction from a 2-D ventriculography. Based on the aforementioned approach, additional functional parameters — such as wall thickening, fractional shortening, phase of contraction or dyssynchrony index — shall be provided robustly in an interventional setting. The 3-D motion of the left ventricle shall be visualized and represented comprehensively in the “cath lab.”