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Dr.-Ing. Ulf Jensen

Alumnus of the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

The idea is really really simple, but what you get is almost like magic
Sensor-based Instant Golf Putt Feedback
  • This paper presents a golf putt feedback system based on sensor data collected at the putter head. The system comprises of out-of-the-box body area network components that are lightweight, mobile and inexpensive. More specifically, we employ a SHIMMER™ sensor node with an inbuilt three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer for measurement and an Android™ smartphone for data analysis and presentation.

    We collected data from five expert and six completely inexperienced subjects in order to facilitate the development of our algorithms. In a first step, we used a matched filter algorithm that enabled us to segment the unrestricted putting data into actual golf putts and other movements like training swings. In a second step, we analyzed the stroke phases in more depth in order to distinguish expert from inexperienced players. This was facilitated by extracting predefined movement parameters as a basis for explicit putt feedback.

    Finally, we transferred the algorithms that were developed during an offline data analysis to an Android implementation. It is capable of detecting putts and displaying instant feedback to guide players to a better putt execution. Therefore, the system can be used as an innovative personal putting coach for real-world use.

    Articles in Conference Proceedings
    Proceedings of the IACSS 2011 (9th International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport), Shanghai, P.R. China, September 21-24 2011, pp. 49-53, 2011, ISBN 978-1-84626-087-2 (BiBTeX, Who cited this?)