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André Aichert M. Sc.

Alumnus of the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Current Research Interests

My research revolves around artifact reduction for FD-CT.


  • Opens internal link in current windowThe Epipolar Consistency Conditions in X-ray images
  • Application to motion compensation during FD-CT acquisition
  • Application to tracking in fluoroscopy
  • Application to segmentation refinement in FD-CT angiography
  • Application to other modalities: Tomosynthesis, SPECT




Previous work
during my studies at Technische Universität München
Occlusion in Augmented Reality
Deformed slice from 3D-US volume
Detection cross-ratios in projections
CT of teeth registered to video frame
US-X-Ray fusion for better depth perception

  • Real time direct volume rendering

    • Implemented several ray-casting based volume rendering techniques and a complete volume rendering library
    • Integrated Focus and Context Visualization

  • In-situ Visualization for Augmented Reality (Opens external link in new windowLMU and TU Munich)

    • Adapted F+C rendering to requirements of augmented reality
    • Studied depth perception in augmented reality

  • Deformable 3D-3D freehand-US / CT registration (Siemens Corporate Research)

    • Implemented GPU-based compounding of a freehand ultrasound sweep into a cartesian volume
    • Extended a GPU deformable registration framework to 3D and implemented several similarity metrics

  • Depth perception in X-ray and fluoroscopic images

    • Developed new techniques to improve depth perception in X-Ray images in cases such as fusion with US or tracked surgical instruments (MICCAI 2011)

  • Tracking for orthodontic Augmented Reality (Opens external link in new windowWhite Lion Technologies)

    • Studied the application of dental bracket placement for Augmented Reality
    • Developed real-time registration techniques to track a low-dose CT of a jaw in a video image (MICCAI 2012)

see also: Opens external link in new windowPublications  at TU-München