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Hardware Development

Inertio-Magnetic Sensor Calibration
  • Inertio-magnetic measurement units (IMU) are widely used in research projects and technical applications for motion analyses of vehicles, athletes, patients, etc. The IMU systems usually contain a three-axes accelerometer, three-axes three-axes magnetometer. In spite of the utilization in different fields, there is no standardized method for calibrating inertial sensors.
    Furthermore, many research projects have to deal with sensor alignment problems. In medical studies for example, IMU sensors can never be placed at all subjects' bodies with exactly the same orientation. In applied scenrios of data acquisition in sports events, athleted cannot be bothered to deal with a perfect alignment of sensor and sensor attachment (at body or equipment). Intelligent alignment corrections are necessary to automatically correct for misalignments.

    The goal of this project is to develop alorithms for an easy to use in-field calibration including a reliable misalignment correction.