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What is RabbitCT?
Fast 3-D cone beam reconstruction is mandatory for many clinical workflows. For that reason researchers and industry work hard on hardware-optimized 3-D reconstruction. Backprojection is a major component of many reconstruction algorithms which requires a projection of each voxel onto the projection data, including data interpolation, before updating the voxel value. This step is the bottleneck of most reconstruction algorithms and the focus of optimization in recent publications. A crucial limitation, however, of these publications is that the presented results are not comparable mainly due to variations in data acquisitions, preprocessing and chosen geometries and the lack of a common publicly available test dataset. We provide an open platform for worldwide comparison in backprojection performance and ranking on different architectures using a specific high resolution C-arm CT dataset of a rabbit. This includes a sophisticated benchmark interface, a prototype implementation in C++ and image quality measures.

Who is behind RabbitCT?
RabbitCT is a collaboration of the Department of Neuroradiology and the Pattern Recognition Lab at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.