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Invited Talk by Sina Farsiu - July 13th
06.06.2018 - 07:31

Sina Farsiu (Duke Biomedical Engineering - Duke University) will visit our lab on Friday 13th of July and give a presentation at 10 AM in lecture hall H15 entitled "Fundamental Limits of Resolution and Segmentation Accuracy in Biomedical Optics and How to Get Close to Them“.

Abstract: While the performance of biomedical image segmentation algorithms has been significantly improved in recent years, a critical question has not yet been addressed: "How far is segmentation performance from its theoretical limit?" The answer to this question justifies further investment of time and financial resources to gain further segmentation accuracy. In this talk, we review optical, mathematical, and biological factors that limit accurate visualization and quantification of functional and anatomical features in biomedical optics applications. Utilizing statistical signal processing tools, we define such limits for resolving closely-timed neuronal spikes in mouse brain calcium imaging and retinal layers in human optical coherence tomography. We introduce novel adaptive optics-based hardware, deep learning-based software, and graph theory-based mathematical tools to enhance the accuracy of quantifying imaging biomarkers of disease in various clinical applications. 

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