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This lecture focuses on recent developments in image processing driven by medical applications. All algorithms are motivated by practical problems. The mathematical tools required to solve the considered image processing tasks will be introduced.

The lecture will be composed of the following topics:

  • Motivation: Introduction to Medical Image Processing
  • Acquisition: Basic Concepts of Different Modalities
  • Modality Dependent Image Preprocessing
  • Reconstruction in Medical Imaging
  • Image Registration

In addition to the lectures, we also offer exercise classes. In the tutorials the methods and procedures which are presented in this lecture are illustrated using simple exercises. The tutorials set emphasis on the practical realization of the methods as well.

Lecture slides

The lecture slides will be partly adapted and revised during the lecture. Therefore, there will be no complete script available from the beginning of the lecture. However, we will try to put the slides into the web prior to their according lecture.

It is absolutely recommended to attend the lectures in order to make personal notes. In addition, covered topics should be completed with personal research in according technical literature and publications that will be announced in the lecture as well.