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Kolloquium Registration [KoREG]

Es werden aktuelle Themen zur medizinischen Bildregistrierung besprochen sowie Grundlagen vertieft. Die Themen werden blockweise im Verlauf des Semesters festgelegt. Teilnehmerkreis: Doktoranden, interessierte Master-Studenten, Diplomanden und Studienarbeiter.

Dates & Rooms:
Friday, 14:00 - 15:30; Room: 01.134



04/28/17(no colloquium)--
05/05/17 Muhammad FasihullahMT Final: Image Enhancement for ROI-filtered X-ray Data-
05/19/17Xia ZhongJournal Club: "Model-based Anthropometry"Opens external link in new windowpaper
05/26/17Abdurrahman BecitMT Intro: Cell Tracking Using Image Registration-
06/02/17Franziska SchirrmacherMT Intro: Quantile Regularization Techniques for Image Denoising and Restoration-
Thomas KästnerMT Intro: Dynamic 2-D/3-D Image Registration of a TEE Probe-
André AichertJournal Club: Adapted Anisotropic Gaussian SIFT Matching Strategy for SAR RegistrationInitiates file downloadpaper
06/09/17Katharina FalkMT Intro: Improvement of an Automatic Multi-organ Segmentation Method in CT images-
Florin GhesuJournal Club: An Artificial Agent for Robust Image RegistrationOpens external link in new windowpaper
06/16/17Stefan PlonerMT Final: Improving 3D-OCT Motion Correction-
Leonhard RistBT Intro: A Flexible Calibration Phantom for FD-CT based on Cross-ratios
06/23/17Katharina BreiningerJournal Club: Formulation of Image Fusion as a Contrained Least Squares Optimization ProblemOpens external link in new windowpaper
06/30/17Tobias GeimerJournal Club: Markerless Tumor Tracking Using Short Kilovoltage Imaging Arcs for Lung IGRTOpens external link in new windowpaper
07/07/17IMFImage Fusion Organizational Meeting & Status Updates
07/14/17Petra DornMT Intro: X-ray-based Tool Center Point Calibration for a Medical Robot-
Siming BayerJournal Club: Construction of a Biomechanical Head and Neck Motion ModelOpens external link in new windowpaper