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Human Computer Interaction [HCI]

Aim of the lecture is to teach basic knowledge of concepts, principles, models, methods and techniques for developing highly user-friendly Human Computer Interfaces. Beyond traditional computer system the topic of modern user interfaces is also discussed in the context of automobile and intelligent environments, mobile devices and embedded systems. This lecture addresses the following topics: - Introduction to the basics of Human Computer Interaction - Design principles and models for modern user interfaces and interactive systems - Information processing of humans, perception, motor skills, properties and skills of the users - Interaction concepts, metaphors, standards, norms and style guides - In- and output devices, design space for interactive systems - Analysis-, design- and development methodologies and tools for easy to use user interfaces - Prototypic implementation of interactive systems - Architectures for interactive systems, User Interface Toolkits and components • Acceptance, evaluation methods and quality assurance

Dates & Rooms:
Tuesday, 14:15 - 15:45; Room: H10
Wednesday, 14:15 - 15:45; Room: H10