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Dr.-Ing. Christian Schaller

Alumnus of the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Implementing Corporate Creativity and Innovations

Medical Image Processing in Radiotherapy

In the following several research projects in the field of medical image processing within radiotherapy are described briefly. The major areas covered by these projects are respiratory motion and patient positioning problems. In general an emerging technology called Time-of-Flight (ToF) is used to achieve solutions for these problems. The work on these projects started at June 1st, 2007. Overall so far there are two journal papers and six conference papers published and two patents filed.

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Metrilus GmbH

During my PhD I founded a company called Metrilus, GmbH together with Michael Balda and Simon Placht


In the beginning of 2010 Metrilus was founded as one of the first companies worldwide to provide a profound and complete solution for real-time 3-D imaging. We offer our customers tailored software for all kinds of applications within real-time 3-D imaging. This includes the support of a variety of 3-D acquisition modalities, including

Our software supports all major Time-of-Flight cameras and other popular devices, like

Furthermore, we provide a complete interface to acquire 3-D laser scanner (light section) data. We have the capabilities to create customized software solutions for almost every real-time 3-D range imaging application. Have a look at our store and our software section.