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Welcome to the exercises for Introduction to Pattern Recognition!



On Wednesdays, we meet at 9:00

On Thursdays, we meet at 8:15

The exercises take place in the room E 1.12 (right tower, first floor in the electrical engineering building). One meeting lasts 45 minutes + extra time.


Work Sheets

  • Statistical appetizers: don't be fooled :)
    (^^ officially work sheet 1, but we will only work on it when we are running out of other topics.)
  • A closer look at sampling. Consult also the additional Fourier Transform slides. For the programming part, you can use related code from Dieter Hahn.
    This exercise will be discussed at November 2nd and 3rd. The programming part will be discussed at November 16th and 17th.
  • Two important questions, plus quantization.
    Simone Gaffling holds this exercise, at November 9th and 10th. The programming part will be discussed at November 16th and 17th.
  • Thresholding, and calculations on the bias of ML estimators. You will also need "the object" (<- not spectacular, but it well suited for our problem). This work sheet will be discussed at November 23rd and 24th.
  • We will finish the previous work sheet^^, and continue then with our new image enhancement exercise (held at Nov. 30th/Dec. 1st). The programming part is done at Dec. 7th/8th.
  • Initiates file downloadHistogram equalization and moments. We will discuss this exercise on Dec. 14th and Dec. 15th.
  • Initiates file downloadWalsh Transform and Linear Predictive Coding. We will discuss this exercise on Dec. 21st and Dec. 22nd. Merry Christmas!
  • ...and a Happy New Year! We start with some matlab coding on Initiates file downloadWavelets. The sample code is Initiates file downloadhere. We discuss this exercise on Jan. 11th and 12th, resp.
  • We continue with a Initiates file downloaddiscussion on PCA. This exercise is discussed on Jan. 18th and 19th, resp.
  • Initiates file downloadBranch and Bound is a pruned search strategy with several applications. This exercise is discussed on Jan. 25th and 26th, resp. For the Thursday people: if time permits, we talk also about Wavelets (postponed from Jan. 12th).
  • The last worksheet revisits the Initiates file downloadoptimal classifier. We discuss this exercise on Feb. 1st and Feb. 2nd, resp. Note that we have one session left. There, we will have a recapitulation on the topics of the exercises.



Supplemental Material

Test image for blurring and noise addition.
The moon will be our image enhancement benchmark. Stay tuned :)

The matlab resources from the DMIP (Diagnostic Medical Image Processing) class:

A small demo in openCV and matlab, for adding Gaussian noise and Gaussian blur to an image, all in this zip-file.