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Computer Vision Exercise [CV-E]


Dates & Rooms:
Monday, 13:00 - 14:00; Room: 09.150



In the exercises, we will have theoretical and practical assignments. The theoretical assignments aim at a deeper understanding of the principles tought in the lecture. The practical part offers hands-on examples to the participants, with the ultimate goal to implement a simple object tracker.

Exercises are not mandatory, but students are strongly encouraged to work through the exercise sheets. Usually we well have one exercise sheet per week, however we will move faster at the beginning due to the shorter semester. Solutions will be discussed in the exercise at the stated due date.


The exercise has been rescheduled to Monday 13:00, starting on May 30th.


Exercise119.05.2011image representation, basic image operations
Exercise219.05.2011image capture, lighting, f-stops
25.05.2011gaussian smoothing, canny edge detection
Exercise406.06.2011corner detection, gabor filters
Exercise520.06.2011metamerism, volume color, color histograms
Exercise627.06.2011hough transform, calibration patterns
Exercise704.07.2011simple stereo system, accuracy, matching
Exercise811.07.2011camera calibration, fundamental matrix
Exercise918.07.2011background subtraction, optical flow, motion field
Exercise1025.07.2011The grand final: Kalman Filter


Exercise1.zipExample code to read and write ppm/pgm files.
Exercise3.zipExample code for Gaussian smoothing and Canny edge detection.
Matlab demo for color histograms.
stereo_demo.zipMatlab demo to compute disparity maps.

taxi, ball, table_tennis

Example image sequences for the Kalman Filter exercise.
Exercise10.zipExample code for Kalman filtering.


Camera Lenses

Nice overview of lens characteristics with focal length/aperture calculator and example images for vignetting, chromatic abberation and distortion
Lens Distortion 1Example images for lens distortion
Lens Distortion 2Correction of lens distortion
High Dynamic Range 1How to combine over- and underexposed images
High Dynamic Range 2Very good tutorial on HDR with lots of beautiful images
ConvolutionTutorial on convolution and gaussian blur with example code and images
CannyTutorial on canny edge detection with example code
Edge DetectionDemo on edge detection
Corner DetectionDemo on corner detection
Gabor FilterVery good demo on gabor filters and canny
Hough TransformDemo on hough transform for lines
Hough TransformDemo on hough transform for circles
Time-Of-FlightAnimation showing Time-Of-Flight cameras
Camera Calibration ToolboxA MATLAB toolbox for camera calibration
Calibration TutorialGood tutorial on 2D and 3D calibration
Optical Flow DemoDemo on optical flow
Background subtractionReview of different methods for background subtraction
Kalman FilterSite with infos and demos about the Kalman Filter

Useful Libraries and Tools







Questions of any kind are always welcome, either during the exercise or via e-mail!