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Prior Sessions

Colloquium Time Table (Friday, 14:00-15:30)

DateResponsible PersonTitle
07.07.2017AllOverview on Projects
14.07.2017Siming Bayer

Intro Talk: Petra Dorn, MT: X-ray-based Tool Center Point Calibration for a Medical Robot

Journal Club: Opens external link in new windowConstruction of a Biomechanical Head and Neck Motion Model

21.07.2017Roman Schaffert

Final Talk: Ramyar Biniazan, MT: Image Processing and Physics of Dual Energy Contrast Enhanced Mammography

Journal Club: Opens external link in new window3D-SCoBeP: 3D medical image registration using sparse coding and belief propagation

28.07.2017-No colloquium (PhD Defense: Thomas Kautz)
04.08.2017Tobias GeimerISBI 2017 Conference Review
11.08.2017Katharina BreiningerIGIC Paper Draft
18.08.2017-No colloquium
25.08.2017-No collloquium
01.09.2017Roman Schaffert

MT final talk Thomas Kästner: Dynamic 2-D/3-D Image Registration of a TEE Probe

Journal Club: Opens external link in new windowPointNet: Deep Learning on Point Sets for 3D Classification and Segmentation

08.09.2017Tobias GeimerJournal Club: Opens external link in new windowRespiratory signal prediction based on adaptive boosting and multi-layer perceptron neural network

André Aichert

Xia Zhong

BT Final - Leonhard Rist: A flexible calibration phantom for FD-CT based on cross-ratios

MT Intro - Janani Gayathri Nadar: Design and training of a classifier for an automatic, machine learning based coil detection in a routine MRI examination setting

03.11.2017-No colloquium. (Eric Goppert: MT Intro postponed)
10.11.2017Tobias GeimerEric Goppert, MT Intro: Investigation of Correlation Model Adaption for Mostion Estimation in Image-guided Radiotherapy 

17.112017Katharina BreiningerMICCAI 2017 Conference Review
24.11.2017Stefan PlonerARVO Paper Draft

Andreas Maier

Xia Zhong

Petra Dorn, MT Final: X-ray-based Tool Center Point Calibration for a Medical Robot

Janani Gayathri Nadar, MT Final: Design and Training of a Classifier for an Automatic, Machine Learning based Coil Detection in a Routine MRI Examination Setting

08.12.2017Tobias GeimerJournal Club: Opens external link in new windowMcClelland et. al (2013) Respiratory Motion Models: A Review