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Prior Sessions

Colloquium Time Table

DateResponsible PersonTitle
04.07.2017Daniel Günzel3-D Segmentation of the Paraspinal Muscle
11.07.2017Viktor Haase

Analysis of Statistical Weights in CT Reconstruction 

Daniel StromerIntroduction to 'Venice Time Machine'
18.07.2017Tobias Lindenberger Joint Denoising and Streak Artifact Removal for Flat Panel Perfusion CT
Oleksiy RybakovSegmentation of Fascia in Canine Ultrasound Images
Viktor HaaseFully3D Conference Review
16.08.2017Julia SchottenhammlOCT-OCTA Segmentation of the Bruch's Membrane in the Presence of Pathology (intro talk)
Daniel Günzel3D Segmentation and Lipid Distribution Analysis of the Paraspinal Muscle (final talk)
29.08.2017Julian HoßbachOCT-Scan Augmentation with Generative Machine Learning (intro talk)
12.09.2017Weilin FuCNN Vesselness Paper Review