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Detection of JPEG Ghosts

Image w/ JPEG Ghost.
Difference Image 1.
Difference Image 2.

Hany Farid coined the term "JPEG Ghosts" for distinguishing single- and double-JPEG compressed image regions. However, exploiting this observation required a tedious manual investigation of a large number of grayscale-images.

In our work "Automated Forgery Detection Through Classification of JPEG Ghosts", we propose a pattern recognition scheme to achieve fully automated, highly accurate detection of double-compressed JPEG blocks.

The paper is available Opens external link in current windowhere.

The code can be downloaded Initiates file downloadhere.

If you use the code, please cite our paper
Fabian Zach, Christian Riess and Elli Angelopoulou: "Automated Image Forgery Detection through Classification of JPEG Ghosts", Pattern Recognition (Joint 34th DAGM and 36th OAGM Symposium), Graz, Austria, August 2012, pp. 185-194.

For our evaluation, we used the Opens external link in new windowUncompressed Colour Image Database (UCID) by Schaefer and Stich.