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Analytic Reconstruction and Consistency

Depending on its acquisition geometry and trajectory, the Computed Tomography (CT) image formation process can be described with a forward model like Radon or X-ray transforms. Analytic reconstruction is concerned with their description and inversion. A common property of these transforms is data redundancy, which is commonly expressed as consistency conditions on projection data. Redundancy allows for the quantification of measurement and model errors. The ARC group exploits this to devise practical algorithms for motion compensation, artifact reduction and 3D reconstruction for medical and industrial applications.

Colloquium Time Table

DateResponsible PersonTitle
7.7.2017Lina FelsnerMotion Estimation of Rotational Angiography using Epipolar Consistency
14.7.2017Yixing HuangJournal Club: Helgason-Ludwig Consistency Conditions
21.7.2017Tobias WürflJournal Club: Consistency Conditions for Cone-beam CT data acquired with a Straight Line Source Trajectory
28.7.2017Andre AichertJournal Club: Opens external link in new windowRadon-Space Registration
8.9.2017Nick Sakaltras[MT kick-off] Fan-beam Fourier Projection in MRI
Tobias & YixingReview Fully3D
15.09.2017Yixing HuangJournal Club: Opens external link in new windowAnisotropic TV


29.09.2017Andre AichertJournal Club: Opens external link in new windowClackdoyle et al. DCC for Cone-Beam on a Circular Trajectory
03.11.2017 Tobias WürflTutorial: Non-negative polynomials and their application
10.11.2017Yixing HuangJournal Club:  F. Noo et al.: Opens external link in new windowFan Beam Reco Opens external link in new windowon less than a short scan.
17.11.2017Andre AichertRadon transform of functions under projective distortion.
01.12.2017Mathis Hoffmann[MT kick-off] t.b.a.
08.12.2017Tobias WürflCT-meeting prep

Nick Sakaltras

Zijia Gou

[MT final] Fan-beam Fourier Projection in MRI

Ellipse-Line-Ellipse Trajectory

19.01.2018Andre AichertFBCC vs. ECC
02.02.2018Andre AichertJérôme Lesaint et al. Opens external link in new windowFBCC calibration


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Running Projects

Epipolar Consistency

Epipolar Consistency allows us to measure how well two or more X-ray images agree given their relative geometry. By optimization over motion parameters, we can perform tracking, motion compensation and calibration correction in CT, fluoroscopy and angiography applications.


CONRAD is a software platform for simulation and reconstruction of flat-panel CT images.

Multi-material beam hardening correction in CT

The aim of the project is to effectively reduce beam hardening artifacts in datasets consisting of multiple materials.

Region of interest reconstruction in C-arm CT

3D region of interest imaging reduces the radiation dose to the patients without compromising image quailty.

Robust 2D/3D-Registration for Real-Time Patient Motion Compensation

Towards robust and real-time patient motion compensation for 2D/3D overlay applications