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General Information
For running RabbitCT you are required to download the RabbitCTRunner and the RabbitCT dataset. Optionally you can download the binaries and source code of our reference implementation LolaBunny. For compiling your own module or LolaBunny, you additionally require the RabbitCT SDK.

RabbitCT Terms of Use
  1. By downloading RabbitCT files you acknowledge to not misuse the data set, binaries, source code or any other part of it. You furthermore affirm that you work and publish results honestly, according to the IEEE Code of Ethics or a similar code.
  2. If you use RabbitCT or the RabbitCT data set for a publication, please reference the following article:
    "RabbitCT---an open platform for benchmarking 3D cone-beam reconstruction algorithms"
    Christopher Rohkohl, Benjamin Keck, Hannes G. Hofmann and Joachim Hornegger, Med. Phys. 36, 3940 (2009), DOI:10.1118/1.3180956
    Download PDF - View BibTeX

I. RabbitCT Runner V2

RabbitCTRunner is the executable that reads the dataset and calls your backprojection module. If you need another OS, see googlecode project for your runner.

RabbitCTRunner (Windows 32-bit) 02.01.2013 [Download]
RabbitCTRunner (Windows 64-bit) 02.01.2013 [Download]

If your platform is missing in this list feel free to send us an email.

II. RabbitCT Dataset V2

The dataset is platform-independent and can be used for all your tests.

Included problem sizes: 128, 256, 512 02.01.2013 [Download small Dataset] (ca. 2.5 GB)
Included problem sizes: 128, 256, 512, 1024 02.01.2013 [Download large Dataset] (ca. 4.6 GB)

III. Reference Module Implementation: LolaBunny

We provide a non-optimized (but well documented) reference implementation called LolaBunny on which you can base your own module implementation. The source code of the LolaBunny module is included in the RabbitCT SDK. Pre-compiled LolaBunny binaries for different platforms can be downloaded here.

LolaBunny (Windows 32-bit) 02.08.2013 [Download]
LolaBunny (Windows 64-bit) 02.08.2013 [Download]

IV. RabbitCT SDK

For developing and compiling your own backprojection modules we provide a CMake-based development toolkit. The source code of our reference implementation LolaBunny can be found in the directory "module". You can take it as a starting point for developing more sophisticated (i.e. faster) modules.

RabbitCT SDK (platform-independent) 02.08.2013 [Download]