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Two Projects Supported by QuiS II TP08 "Digitalisierung der Lehre" Grant
08.02.2018 - 16:59

In the ongoing endeavor of the FAU to complement classic teaching with sound online education Peter Wilke and Frank Schebesch brought in support for two new projects at the Pattern Recognition Lab (PRL).

During the last few years the lecture IT Modernization has gained increasing interest by the students. Its topics cover all aspects of modernization of infrastructure, soft- and hardware projects. The students are – of course – too young to met these IT dinosaurs during their studies. The grant recently received from QuiS will enable us to set up a virtual machine park simulating these legacy systems providing nearly real world capabilities to experiment with modernization techniques.

The second project is aiming at the improvement of introductory material for a multitude of courses organised by the PRL. The Conrad framework is an important requirement for the MIPDA course and the flat-panel CT reconstruction seminar. Moreover, many research projects for bachelor's and master's students make full use of this unique code collection.

While the amount of implemented methods is vast, the learning curve to orient oneself within this framework is high. Therefore, a series of video tutorials will be created to assist the novice user and to extend existing code tutorials to serve as a comprehensive and informative self-study tutorial. Due to its wide range of applications in teaching, this project is expected to increase the success of dependent courses and to improve thesis supervision.

Put into effect by QuiS II TP08 "Digitalisierung der Lehre" both projects are supported and we are looking forward to implement them in cooperation with several student assistants.

(by Peter Wilke & Frank Schebesch)

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