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New Project funded by the Leibnitz Association
06.12.2017 - 13:57

The project "Critical Catalog of the Luther-Portraits (1519-1530)" got approved by the Leibnitz Association as one of four funded projects of the 2018 Leibnitz Competition. The project is an interdisciplinary project in collaboration with Dr.  Hess and Mr. Mack (Germanische Nationalmuseum), Prof. Schubert (FAU - Lehrstuhl für Kirchengeschichte II), Prof. Heydenreich (TH Köln - Technology Arts Sciences, Cranach Digital Archive), and Prof. Maier and Mr. Christlein (FAU - LME).


Goal of the project is the creation of a critical catalog of Luther portraits (1519-1530). The importance of Martin Luther for the history of religion and culture is undisputed. Unlike his works, however, the contemporary portraits, which are equally important for his impact, are neither completely collected nor critically developed. On the occasion of the Reformation's anniversary in 2017, these portraits are nevertheless presented and marketed worldwide in mass media, although their historical context of use, dating and authenticity are unclear. The requested project creates the methodological and substantive prerequisites for a critical catalog of works of the early Luther portraits (1519-1530).

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