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DFG PhD Funding
01.02.2017 - 10:15

We are happy to announce that the DFG supports us with a full PhD position and a student assistant position over the course of two years.


The definition of the forming limit of sheet metals is based on the forming limit curve. This curve is used to predict the forming behavior of sheet metals, while the forming limit describes the maximum strain to failure in dependence of major and minor strain. These strains can be obtained by performing Nakajima or Marciniak tests in combination with an optical strain measurement system. The established state of the art methods are limited regarding their evaluation area and position- or time-dependent. In case of conventional deep drawing steels these methods provide reliable results in determining the onset of necking, whereas in case of high-strength steels, due to their non-pronounced necking development, to conservative values are determined. 


Project DFG MA 4898/8-1 “Improved characterization of failure behaviors of sheet metals based on pattern recognition methods” aims at finding an objective and automatic, location- and time-independent classification approach to enable accurate predictions of failure behaviors in sheet metals during forming processes.

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