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Room: 1.006 (Haberstr. 2)

Telephone: +49 9131 85 28980

E-mail: Heike.Leutheuser(at)

Research Interest

My research interests are 

  • Physiological Data Analysis
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Data Mining

Using all these different methodologies, my research focuses on the individual human being. Currently, I am working on two different projects that can all be related to motivating people increasing their physical activity or providing monitoring tools that facilitate an independent, normal lifestyle. 



The aim of the Opens external link in new windowmiLife project is the development of a wearable computing platform where data (acquired with sensors integrated in shoes and clothes) is analyzed for team sports and health applications. 

This work is supported by the Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport, and Technology and the European fund for regional development.