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Press Releases

MICCAI Young Scientist Award

Florin-Cristian Ghesu, PhD student at our lab was awarded the prestigious 2017 MICCAI Young Scientist Award for his contribution titled "Robust Multi-scale Anatomical Landmark Detection in Incomplete 3D-CT Data"....[more]

Two NVIDIA GPU Grants Approved for PRL Members

The NVIDIA Corporation donated two GPU’s to members of the lab after they applied for the NVIDIA GPU Grant Program:   M.Sc. Daniel Stromer received a grant for his research...[more]

Former PhD candidate at the LME wins "Promotionspreis des Freundeskreises"

The technical faculty has awarded Dr. Yan Xia, who is a former PhD candidate at the Pattern Recognition lab, "Den Promotionspreis des Freundeskreises" for his PhD dissertation entitled...[more]

ER-Force made it!

The best result of the club history was achieved with a second place in Japan. Only in the exciting and competitive final against the Chinese team SRC they were defeated 1: 2, but this limited the joy of the achieved only...[more]

Featured Article on Fourier Consistency Conditions

Our recently published paper "Motion compensation for cone-beam CT using Fourier consistency conditions" has been named a "Featured Article" by the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology1. Within this work,...[more]

PhD Student Receives SAOT Student Award

Jens Wetzl, PhD student at the Pattern Recognition Lab, has received this year's SAOT student award in the Computational Optics category for his publication entitled "High-resolution dynamic CE-MRA of the thorax enabled by...[more]