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Press Releases

Another NVIDIA GPU Grant Approved for PRL Member

The NVIDIA Corporation donated a GPU to member of the lab after he applied for the NVIDIA GPU Grant Program: M.Sc. Sulaiman Vesal received a grant for his research on Breast...[more]

MICCAI Young Scientist Award

Florin-Cristian Ghesu, PhD student at our lab was awarded the prestigious 2017 MICCAI Young Scientist Award for his contribution titled "Robust Multi-scale Anatomical Landmark Detection in Incomplete 3D-CT Data"....[more]

Two NVIDIA GPU Grants Approved for PRL Members

The NVIDIA Corporation donated two GPU’s to members of the lab after they applied for the NVIDIA GPU Grant Program:   M.Sc. Daniel Stromer received a grant for his research...[more]

Former PhD candidate at the LME wins "Promotionspreis des Freundeskreises"

The technical faculty has awarded Dr. Yan Xia, who is a former PhD candidate at the Pattern Recognition lab, "Den Promotionspreis des Freundeskreises" for his PhD dissertation entitled...[more]

ER-Force made it!

The best result of the club history was achieved with a second place in Japan. Only in the exciting and competitive final against the Chinese team SRC they were defeated 1: 2, but this limited the joy of the achieved only...[more]

Featured Article on Fourier Consistency Conditions

Our recently published paper "Motion compensation for cone-beam CT using Fourier consistency conditions" has been named a "Featured Article" by the journal Physics in Medicine and Biology1. Within this work,...[more]