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Press Releases

BIG-THERA Project in next round of funding

It’s a great pleasure to announce that the BIG-THERA Project’s funding was approved for another year! The Emerging Fields Initiative (EFI) BIG-THERA gathers a multidisciplinary team of highly competitive...[more]

Invited Talk by Prof. Dr. Mathias Unberath

Johns Hopkins’ Prof. Dr. Mathias Unberath will give a talk at our lab entitled: "From Acquisition to Augmentation - Towards Task-aware Computer Assistance in the OR“ Abstract: Improved image-guidance has led to the...[more]

LME Alumnus to join Johns Hopkins Faculty

It is a pleasure to announce that our recent alumnus, Mathias Unberath, has been appointed as Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. His research focuses on novel...[more]

Papal Charters Project in the News

Our papal charter project was the focus of a recently published article from the weekend magazine of the NN/NZ (1.9.18), for which Klaus Herbers (Medieval History Lab, FAU) and Vincent Christlein (PRL) were interviewed.   It...[more]

LME Success at STACOM Atrial Segmentation Challenge

Sulaiman Vesal, PhD student at the Pattern Recognition Lab made second place in the STACOM left atrial segmentation challenge at MICCAI 2018. The participants were required to produce a computational framework capable of...[more]

MICCAI Young Scientist Award

Bastian Bier, PhD Student at our lab, in collaboration with Mathias Unberath of the Johns Hopkins University were awarded the prestigious 2018 MICCAI Young Scientist Award for their contribution titled "X-ray-transform...[more]