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Interventional Medical Image Processing [IMIP]

This lecture focuses on recent developments in image processing driven by medical applications. All algorithms are motivated by practical problems. The mathematical tools required to solve the considered image processing tasks will be introduced. In addition to the lectures, we also offer exercise classes. The exercises consist of theoretical parts where you immerse in lecture topics. But we also set emphasis on the practical implementation of the methods.

Dates & Rooms:
Thursday, 12:15 - 13:45; Room: RZ 2.037
Friday, 12:15 - 13:45; Room: RZ 2.037


Exam Reviews

IMIP11 Oct 201713:3002.134
DMIP11 Oct 201714:3002.134

Place of lecture

The lecture is held in RZ 2.037 (e-Studio) and broadcasted to H4.

Basically, if you are early, please go to RZ 2.037.

In case you arrive after 12:15 or you want to avoid being recorded at all, please go to H4.

Lecture material will be provided on StudOn!

Warning: This webpage will not be updated regularly!

In order to be able to follow the lecture and exercises completely, please register for the respective Opens external link in new windowStudOn course. There is one course page for both, those who intend to participate in the lecture only (IMIP, 5 ECTS), and those who intend to also participate in the exercises (IMIP, 7.5 ECTS).

It will be available shortly after the initial lecture on 27th of April.

Remark: In case your StudOn access is delayed for administrative reasons, please inform us about your situation after the first lecture.



Passing criteria

TypePassing criterionAchievement
IMIP lecture:written exam 60 min5 ECTS
IMIP lecture + exercises:written exam 60 min + successful completion of at least 50% of the exercises7.5 ECTS

Date of IMIP exam: 

12th of August 2017 (even if meinCampus stated otherwise...)



Note for students who intend to write the DMIP exam this semester

If you intend to do the written exam for DMIP in SS2017, we prepared a Opens external link in new windowStudOn course where you find the essential material from last semester's lecture.

Requirement: You have not already passed DMIP and you write a short notice of intention when applying for the course. Registration for the written exam is also mandatory! (between 5th-23rd of June 2017)

The date of the written DMIP exam can be found in the StudOn course.