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Medical Image Registration

In close collaboration with leading clinical and industrial partners, the Medical Image Registration Group (MIRG) develops novel methods for rigid and non-rigid data registration, as well as innovative applications and efficient clinical workflows. Current foci of interest include multi-modal image fusion, electrophysiology procedures, image-guided therapy, and 3-D endoscopy. The interdisciplinary research provides the basis to develop applications close to medical practice. Opens internal link in current window[More information...]

Research Directions

Rigid and Non-Rigid Medical Image Registration

Rigid Medical Image Registration

In rigid registration, only rotations and translations are applied for the spatial transform.

Non-Rigid Medical Image Registration

Non-rigid image registration is a natural extension to rigid registration, allowing also deformations.

2D-3D Medical Image Registration

Fusion of pre-operative 3-D volumetric data with intra-operative 2-D images.

Surface Registration

Rigid, non-rigid and multi-modal 3-D surface registration.

Electrophysiology Procedures

Motion Compensation

Cardiac and respiratory motion compensation for atrial fibrillation ablation procedures.

Catheter Contact Force

Catheter contact force assessment and evaluation for cardiac ablation procedures.

3-D Range Imaging in Medical Applications

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy

Automatic patient setup and advanced respiratory motion management using 3-D range imaging.

Time-of-Flight 3-D Endoscopy

Extending conventional 2-D endoscopic data with additional 3-D surface information.

Finished Projects

Time-of-Flight 4-D Foot Scan

3-D Reconstruction of the shape of human feet during motion.