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Computer Vision

The computer vision group deals with general problems of detecting structures in images. Particular topics currently include color & reflectance, image forensics, multispectral imaging, driver assistance, multi-camera setups and Time-of-Flight imaging. Our work is closely related to other main fields in computer vision, like image segmentation and tracking. Particular topics like image forensics connect closely to statistics, color & reflectance serves often as a pre-processing step for higher level computer vision tasks like object recognition.

Research Directions

Multispectral Image Analysis

Interpreting multispectral data to better understand reflectance phenomena.

Historical Document Analysis

Analysis of papal charters from the high middle ages.

Writer Identification

Scribe identification of handwritten documents.

Image Forensics

Finding forgeries in digital images.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Detection and tracking of objects in the vehicle's surrounding.

Finished Projects

Solar Irradiance Forecasting

Applying Computer Vision to establish irradiance/power forecasts for solar power plants.

Sensor Fusion for Banknote Processing

Optimizing the sorting results for banknotes through the use of multiple sensor cues.

Single Shot Structured Light

Optical 3D surface measurements with a single image capture.


Student project: small-size autonomous robot soccer.

Skin Reflectance Modeling

Modeling skin reflectance for skin segmentation and illumination color estimation.

Color and Reflectance

Transferring color constancy insights from laboratory setups to real-world images.