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Dipl.-Inf. Christoph Forman

Alumnus of the Pattern Recognition Lab of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg


3 Running
Master Theses
Gaube, Sven:
Learning-Based Hepatic Lesion Segmentation for a User Guidance System to Support Embolization Treatments
Advisor: Amrehn, Mario; Christlein, Vincent; Maier, Andreas; Steidl, Stefan
Beginn: 21.06.2016

Köferl, Franz:
Segmentation and Classification of Interlinear and Marginal Glosses using Convolutional Neural Networks
Advisor: Christlein, Vincent; Gropp, Martin; Maier, Andreas
Beginn: 01.09.2016

Dankbar, Maximilian:
Video Scene Classification using Machine Learning
Advisor: Christlein, Vincent; Haderlein, Tino; Maier, Andreas; Mullan, Patrick; Riess, Christian; Stamminger, Marc
Beginn: 01.09.2016

6 Finished
Bachelor Theses
Adler, Tilman:
Implementation of an Android App for the Automated Recording of Go Games by Tracking Their State
Advisor: Christlein, Vincent; Hornegger, Joachim
Beginn: 01.01.2015

Master Theses
Würfl, Tobias:
Deep Learning for 3D Reconstruction of Xray Computed Tomography
Advisor: Christlein, Vincent; Ghesu, Florin Cristian; Maier, Andreas
Beginn: 01.11.2015

Wetzl, Jens:
Non-rigid Registration for Motion-Compensated Whole-Heart Magnetic Resonance Coronary Imaging
Advisor: Forman, Christoph; Hornegger, Joachim; Maier, Andreas; Wasza, Jakob; Dr. Michael Zenge (Siemens AG)
Beginn: 01.07.2013

Taubmann, Oliver:
Prediction of Respiration-Induced Internal 3-D Deformation Fields From 3-D Surface Data
Advisor: Forman, Christoph; Fischer, Peter; Hornegger, Joachim; Maier, Andreas; Wasza, Jakob
Beginn: 01.07.2013

Li, Chengbiao:
Semi-Supervised Word Recognition using Embedded Attributes
Advisor: Christlein, Vincent; Hornegger, Joachim
Beginn: 15.06.2014

Simon, Hofmann:
Writer Adapted Text Synthesis using Recurrent Neural Networks
Advisor: Christlein, Vincent; Maier, Andreas
Beginn: 01.04.2016