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Seminar Innovation Management (in Cooperation with Sony) [SemSony]

The aim of this seminar is to understand innovation management in a company. We will therefore, have presentations from a specific field and brainstorm different ideas. Based on the ideas, we will try to estimate the market potential and draft invention disclosures for ideas that might have potential impact on the market. The general scheme of this semester's course is eye imaging. Therefore, we will invite experts in eye imaging to give presentations on the medical and engineering background. Next, we will brainstorm which new applications could potentially help medical doctors in their daily work. In the end, we will write up the most successful ideas as invention disclosures. Sony will provide funding to travel to a retreat for one week to a small hotel in which the entire event will take place. In order to participate in the seminar, all participants have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and that all intellectual property that is generated in the class will be owned by the university and can be offered preferably to Sony as invention disclosure. We expect that there will be a lot of interest in this course, which is why all students who want to participate will have to submit their CV, transcripts of records, and a letter of motivation. The final participants will be selected by a panel of three experts from FAU and Sony. The registration deadline was extended to Sept. 30th!

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