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The lecture slides will be partly adapted and revised during the lecture. Therefore, there will be no complete script available from the beginning of the lecture. However, we will try to put the slides into the web prior to their according lecture.

You can find the slides of last year Opens external link in new windowhere.

First lecture: 15th October

The slides are copyrighted (c) 2013/2014 by Dr. Andreas Maier, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. Use without prior written permission of the authors is not permitted!

Larry Zeng's Book

We have acquired an e-Book version of Larry's Book. Unfortunately, we have only one copy which you can access Opens external link in new windowhere. If we require more licenses, please notify us.



#TopicsSlidesSlides (A4)VideosHandouts
1Introduction35Initiates file downloadpdf
2SVD42Initiates file downloadpdf


Preprocessing 121Initiates file downloadpdf
Preprocessing 264Initiates file downloadpdf
Defect Pixel Interpolation64Initiates file downloadpdf
MR Intensity Inhomogeneity92Initiates file downloadpdf
Projection Models70Initiates file downloadpdf
Basics57Initiates file downloadpdf

 Initiates file downloadvid1

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 Initiates file downloadvid3

Parallel Beam Reconstruction23Initiates file downloadpdf
Parallel Beam Reconstruction: Practical Aspects61Initiates file downloadpdf
Fan Beam Reconstruction70Initiates file downloadpdf
Fan Beam Reconstruction: Truncation48Initiates file downloadpdf
3D Reconstruction74Initiates file downloadpdf
Modalities48Initiates file downloadpdf
Iterative Reconstruction76Initiates file downloadpdf
Bilateral Filtering21Initiates file downloadpdf
Rigid Registration70Initiates file downloadpdf
Iterative Closest Point Registration45Initiates file downloadpdf