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Computer Vision Exercises

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In the exercises, we will theoretical and practical assignments. The theoretical assignments aim at a deeper understanding of the principles tought in the lecture. The practical part offers hands-on examples to the participants, with the ultimate goal to implement a simple object tracker.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 15:45h + \epsilon, 09.150



Note that the grand final (i.e. the last exercise) takes place in 01.153 (the cip pool)


Exercise 1:Basic Image Operations and a brief reminder of C++
Exercise 2:Image Capturing, illumination effects, a concrete example
Exercise 3:Convolution and smoothing, tricks on speedup
Exercise 4:Let's implement a Canny edge detector!
Exercise 5:Corner detection FTW!
Exercise 6:Some more details w.r.t. color; small practical part this time
Exercise 7:Hough transform: a CV workhorse
Exercise 8:Stereo vision: 3D from two views (June 24th)
Exercise 9:Calibration: intrinsic and extrinsic parameters (June 30th)
Exercise 10:Background subtraction: a first step towards tracking
Exercise 11:The grand showdown.
Track the taxi, table tennis ball and the tennis ball in the given image sequences.
We'll look at your results in the exercise, taking place in the cip pool 01.153.



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